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How To Distinguish Painted Glass From Painted Glass
Sep 17, 2018

Coloured drawing or pattern glass is used more in household decorates a kind of decorative glass. Production, with a kind of tailor-made glue scale first out all sorts of design, next reoccupy lead to depict a dividing line, and then on the design with special colloidal dye color. Rich and bright coloured drawing or pattern glass design, the proper use of coloured drawing or pattern glass in the bedroom, can freely create a harmonious atmosphere and pleasing to the eye, add romantic charming modern appeal.

New popular on the market at present of coloured drawing or pattern glass, also known as color art glass, the output is through after the modern digital technology in film or the color design on the PP paper painting art and viscose glue them into a plate glass after to industry, synergies, while achieve beautiful strengthen explosion-proof, etc, and widely used in home door (sliding door), etc., also have a transparent, translucent, effect of opaque, design can be made immediately, size, color, design can be optional collocation, safe and more show individual character is not easy to make quickly again at the same time, the same gradually has replaced traditional coloured drawing or pattern glass and potential.

Painted glass is also known as pigmented glass in the industry, divided into flat glass baking varnish and ground glass baking varnish. It is painted on the back of the glass and baked in an oven of 30-45 degrees for 8 to 12 hours.

Painted glass has a strong decorative effect. It is mainly used for the decoration of walls and background walls, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration in any place

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