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Decorative Performance Of Painted Glass And Polycrystalline Glass
Sep 17, 2018

Glass, coloured drawing or pattern is used more in household decorates a kind of decorative glass. Rich and bright coloured drawing or pattern glass design, the proper use of coloured drawing or pattern glass in the bedroom, can freely create a harmonious atmosphere and pleasing to the eye, add romantic charming modern appeal. More suitable for hotel, restaurant, lobby bar, senior office buildings and family living room interior ceiling, wall, screen, or window, its aesthetic effect mainly lies in the introduction of the nature, the natural landscape and human landscape in modern architectural space. Of coloured drawing or pattern glass decoration, can expand the depth and breadth of the space, will be a closed indoor landscape with the outside world, through the reconstruction of art, the tacit understanding to reconcile into an organic whole, make people in indoor, and as if nature connected with the outside world, happy, freedom, happiness, psychological feelings, broke the traditional decoration practices, formed from the natural and higher than the natural style of emotional appeal. At the same time, coloured drawing or pattern glass also has the practical function of many sided, sound insulation, lighting, old resistance and other characteristics.

Polycrystalline glass processing is the use of common glass, polycrystalline glass paint production different pieces into a wide variety of styles, and colors will never fall off, is a kind of brand-new adornment material. Polycrystalline glass has been popular in foreign countries, it is widely used in bathroom, kitchen, windowsill, lines, the lobby wall curtain, and all the indoor wall surface and ground adornment, also can be made into kitchen table, table, furniture, screens, polycrystalline glass and can be used mixed with wood, its performance, moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance.

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