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Colored Glass Applies To Which Occasions
Sep 17, 2018

Colored glass belongs to special kind of glass, also call heat absorbing glass, can block the sunlight radiation of 50% perhaps normally. For example, 6 mm thick blue glass can only pass through 50% of the solar radiation, and brown and bronze heat-absorbing glass can only pass through 25% of the sunlight.

(1) heat absorbing glass is suitable for building doors and Windows or external walls in hot areas where both lighting and heat insulation are required. But the sun that can have bactericidal, disinfect, the effect that eliminate flavour in group of residential building of city, can be blocked by these coloured heat absorbing glass half however, it is gain to lose really.

(2) some households have installed screens with a light transmittance of 70%, combined with colorless transparent common glass, and the total light transmittance is about 61%, which is just appropriate. However, if matched with colored heat absorbing glass, the light transmittance is only 35%, which definitely affects indoor lighting requirements.

(3) closing the balcony with colored absorbing glass is also a common mistake. The balcony is the only place that bedroom and nature contact directly, should not close, cannot decorate with coloured glass more. If live in the weak light environment such as blue gray, tea for a long time, indoor line of sight quality is bound to drop, make a person easily exhaustion of body and mind, can produce undesirable effect to health.

Indoor decorate appropriate USES the common glass of high light transmittance, install outside the window opens close convenient sunshade equipment, indoor can install transparent or translucent curtain and opaque window curtain. Such, can rise already windshield, take shelter from rain, heat insulation, sound absorption wait for good effect, can enjoy the bath of sunshine adequately again.

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