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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Glass
Sep 17, 2018

Glass plate test, the appearance quality is mainly check the flatness, observe whether bubbles, inclusions, quality defects such as scratch, lanes and fog, such defects of glass, deformation will happen in the use, reduce the transparency of glass, mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass, unfavorable choose engineering. Because the glass is transparent objects, when picking through visual inspection, basic can identify quality stand or fall.

The inspection of glass processing products, in addition to the inspection of plate glass requirements, should also examine its processing quality, testing whether specifications and dimensions are standard, processing precision and pattern clarity meet the requirements, and at the same time, side parts are not allowed to have defects.

Hollow glass brick is not permitted in the appearance quality of crack, in glass body does not allow to have the opaque not melt, are not allowed to weld and the bonding between two vitreous. Visual bricky system should not have corrugated, bubbles and glass body generated by heterogeneity in a layered stripes. The external surface of the glass block in the bedding face concave should be less than 1 mm, outside convex should be less than 2 mm, weight should comply with the quality standards, no quality defects such as surface buckling and gap, burr, Angle to founder.

Glass selection

2. Look at the stress class: under some special natural light (or polarized light) conditions, observe the reflected light of tempered glass, and be able to see the light and dark streaks on the glass surface. Such streaks with different brightness are called stress classes.

3, see the flatness, the flatness of toughened glass is a little difference in annealed glass, should choose good flatness by comparison. 4, look to whether through homogeneous processing: explosive is the intrinsic characteristics of toughened glass, it is hard to avoid. But if by homogeneous processing, can eliminate more than 90% since the explosion hazard. When choosing must see product manuals, whether through homogeneous processing.

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