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Silver Mirror

  • Silver Mirror for Bathroom

    Product description Silver mirror for bathroom is using modern advanced mirror making technology and selecting super float glass as original sheet. It is made by sensitization, silver plating, copper plating, protective paints and so on. It is characterized of pure imaging,...
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  • Silver Mirror for Furniture

    Product description Silver mirror for furniture is also called waterproof mirror, mercury mirror or silver plated mirror.It is coated with silver nitrate which is not easy to oxidized and rusted. The production process includes pure water cleaning and polishing, spraying...
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  • Automobile Silver Mirror

    Product description Silver mirror is also used for Automobile due to its super stable quality. It is usually used to car rear view mirrors. The silver rear-view mirrors are located on the left and right sides of the car's head and in front of the car's interior. These...
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  • Copper Free Mirror

    Product description Cooper free mirror is also called environmental protection silver mirror which is a kind of silver mirror but coat a dense passivator protective film on the silver layer which effectively prevents the silver layer from scratching and has a long service...
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