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Processed Glass

  • Clear Float Insulated Glass

    Product description Clear float insulated glass consists of two or more pieces of clear float glass sheets and separated by the aluminum or steel spacers which is filled with desiccant and sealed by either polypeptide or silicone together. The hollow part is filled with dry...
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  • Tempered Laminated Glass

    Product description Tempered laminated glass process is same as clear laminated glass which is produced by autoclave, combine one or more pieces of tempered float glass and pvc film under high temperature and high pressure. It is further safe treatment for the glass after it...
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  • AR Coating Solar Glass

    Product description AR Coating solar glass is a kind of low iron solar glass by adding AR film coated on it. Through this film we can get higher Light transmittance and Lower light reflectance. Solar coated glass in the solar ultra clear glass plating anti reflective film and...
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  • On-line Reflective Glass

    Product description Reflective Coated Glass is obtained by fusing a metallic oxide coating onto the surface of the float glass. On-line reflective glass, the reflective coating is applied during the float glass manufacture. The metallic coating is sprayed by the spray gun on...
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  • Irregular Bevelled Edge Glass

    Product description In order to avoid cutting or add aesthetic perception, usually using bevel machine to deal with the glass edge. For the irregular bevelled edge glass, the bevel edge is irregular, including curved bevel edge, irregular gradual changing bevel width and so...
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  • Soft Coat Low-E

    Product description Low-E glass is a low emissivity glass has a thin metallic coating that reflects thermal radiation or inhibits its emission reducing heat transfer through the glass. In winter, the aim of the coating is to reflect the heat back to inside of the building to...
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  • 5mm Clear Glass+0.38 Transparent Pvb+0.38 Bronze Pvb+5mm Clear Glass

    Product description 5mm clear glass+0.38 transparent pvb+0.38 bronze pvb+5mm clear glass as below image is one kind of colored laminated glass. Also there are many kinds of colored PVB interlayers which offers many colors of laminated glass, such as blue,green, brown,light...
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  • Gray Laminated Glass

    Product description Laminated glass is the glass sandwich which can be regarded as a safety glass. The two or more pieces of glass are stuck together with the vinyl interlayers between them. So it is strong barrier against force entry and also the fragments are adhered to the...
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  • Flat Tempered Glass

    Product description In order to meet the durability and safety needs, the glass can be processed by two types– heat strengthening or tempering – depends on the glass' specific application. For these two types, the glass has undergone a special heat treatment, about 650...
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  • Bent or Curved Tempered Glass

    Product description Bent or curved tempered glass is processed in which the glass sheet is gradually heated above its softening pint while external mechanical forces are extended on the sheet, bending it onto a concave or convex mould in a bending furnace. Once the shaping...
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  • Clear Laminated Glass

    Product description Clear laminated glass is processed with special technology under high temperature and high pressure to bind two or more clear glass layers together using Polyvinyl-butyralfoils (PVB). For the great binding performance, clear laminated glass could stop...
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  • Colored Laminated Glass

    Product description Colored laminated glass process is same as clear laminated glass, binding two or more clear glass layers together using Polyvinyl-butyralfoils (PVB) under high temperature and high pressure. But it is colored due to colored PVB or tinted glass. Advantages...
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