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What Happens To Discolored Glass
Sep 17, 2018

It can also be used for information storage and display, image conversion, light intensity control and adjustment.

Containing silver bromide (or silver chloride) and trace copper oxide is a kind of color glass. When sunlight or ultraviolet light, the decomposition of silver bromide, produce silver atoms (AgBr = = AgBr). Silver atomic energy attract visible light, when silver atoms is gathered in a certain number, shot in the forward part of the glass is absorbed, originally colorless transparent glass then it becomes a film. When the color of glass into the dark, under the catalysis of copper oxide, silver and bromine atoms can combine into a silver bromide (AgBr = = AgBr ), because the silver ions do not absorb visible light, the glass then becomes colorless and transparent.

Window glass is made from discolored glass, which softens and cools the light passing through the sun.

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