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What Does Glass Have?
Sep 17, 2018

Glass: a more transparent solid material, in continuous network structure, formed when molten viscosity increase gradually in the process of cooling and hardening instead of crystalline silicate class nonmetallic material. Common glass composition of chemical oxide (Na2O, CaO, sio2), the main composition is sio2. Widely used in buildings, used to separate the wind light, belongs to the mixture.

Due to the glass composition is mainly silicon dioxide and silicon dioxide is difficult to natural decomposition, in the natural environment, need 1 million years, so in order to protect the environment, we should pay attention to the use of glass products, should have the consciousness of recycling, for each glass bottle recycling energy saving by enough for 100 - watt light bulb light 4 hour glass process Nearly half a century, glass art design with unprecedented depth and breadth of infiltrate into people's life. On the modelling and apply different kinds of glass and process far more than any time in the history of the development of glass. Among them, as an important branch in the field of plastic arts glass plane art glass, in the field of contemporary glass art design, unique medium for artists and designers for artistic creation.

The properties of glass determine that it can be processed in a variety of ways to form a rich shape. Auxiliary raw materials include clarifier, flux, opacifier, stain, decolorizer, oxidizer and reducing agent.

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