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How Was Glass Invented?
Sep 17, 2018

How was glass invented?

More than 3,000 years ago, a European Phoenician merchant ship, laden with crystalline mineral "natural soda", sailed along the berus river on the Mediterranean coast.

Some of the crew also carried large POTS, brought wood, and used a few "natural sodas" as supports to cook on the sand.

When the crew had finished their meal, the tide began to rise, and they were just getting ready to board the ship and continue on when someone shouted, "everybody, look!

The crew brought the flashing light, to study up on the ship. They found that these shiny things on some natural quartz sand and melt the soda. It turns out that these that glitters, is used to do when they cook pot holder of natural soda, under the action of the flame, react with the quartz sand on the beach and the crystal, this is the original glass. Later, the phoenicians to quartz sand and soda and together, and then use a special stove melt, made from glass ball, the phoenicians made a fortune.

Around the fourth century, the Romans began to use glass in Windows and doors.

"China's glass manufacturing technology must not leak out, and all the glass makers must be concentrated together to produce glass!"

In this way, Italian glassmakers were sent to an isolated island to produce glass, and they were not allowed to leave the island for life.

In 1688, a man named naf invented the process of making large pieces of glass. Since then, glass has become a common object.

The glass we use now is made from quartz sand, soda, feldspar and limestone at high temperatures.

Melt viscosity increased gradually in the process of cooling and no crystallization of solid materials. Crisp and transparent. A quartz glass, sodium silicate glass, calcium fluoride glass, glass, etc. Usually refers to the silicate glass, quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone as raw material, after mixing, high temperature melting, smoothing processing and forming, then through annealing. Widely used in construction, household, medical, chemical, electronics, instrumentation, nuclear engineering, etc.

At the end of the qing dynasty, foreigners built tall buildings in China and introduced glass to China.

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