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What do you know about the classification of optical glass?
Sep 17, 2018

1. Colorless optical glass

The optical constant has some special requirements, such as high transmission in visible region, no selective absorption and coloring. According to the size of abbe, it is divided into coronal type and firestone type glass. Used as telescope, microscope, camera lens, prism, reflector and so on.

2. Radiation-proof optical glass

The former can prevent radioactive and X-ray irradiation, while the latter can absorb slow and thermal neutrons. It is mainly used in nuclear industry and medical field as shielding and peeping window materials.

3. Radiation resistant optical glass

Under certain exposure rays and X-ray irradiation, the visible region transmittance changes less, and the variety and brand are the same as colorless optical glass, which is used to produce optical instruments and peep Windows under high energy irradiation.

4. Colored optical glass

Also known as filter glass. Selective absorption and transmission properties for specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions are classified into selective absorption type, cutoff type and neutral gray type according to spectral characteristics. According to the coloring mechanism, it can be divided into ionic coloring, metallic colloid coloring and thioselenide coloring.

5. Ultraviolet and infrared optical glass

Having a specific optical constant and high transmittance in the ultraviolet or infrared band, used as an ultraviolet or infrared optical instrument or as a window material.

6. Optical quartz glass

It is mainly composed of silica, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength and good chemical performance. In addition, there are photomask board, liquid crystal display panel, film disc based thin plate glass used in the manufacture of lsi. A magneto-optic glass in which the polarization surface rotates as light passes through the glass along a magnetic line of force; When light passes through ultrasonic glass in a certain direction, diffraction, reflection, convergence or frequency shift of light occurs.

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