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Thermal bending glass technology
Sep 17, 2018

Bending hot bending glass commonly has aquarium glass and counter glass, bending glass is the main technical difficulties are straight edge bending, bending Angle easy to appear mold mark and other defects. As a result, curved glass is also very common, such as spherical glass, curved arc-shaped porch, glass lavabo, etc., this kind of glass has very high technical level in the operation of hot bending, making accurate moulds, some require professional hot bending furnace to be completed.

Generally speaking, the technology level of hot bending glass in China is still relatively backward. For example, super size, deep arc glass thermal bending, low yield. From the point of view of mechanics, in the process of thermal bending, the force is concentrated from both sides to the middle. Therefore, when the glass is hot bent, an auxiliary external support can be added to solve this problem.

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