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There are two types of glass blown
Sep 17, 2018

There are two types of glass blown:

1. One is machine blowing. The main equipment is bottle making machine or cup blowing machine.

2. One is artificial blowing. The process is to use a steel tube of appropriate thickness to pick up the glass liquid to one end of the steel tube.

The bubbles in the hand-made glass are normal and exist in all hand-blown glassware, which is also an important feature of distinguishing hand-made glass from machine-made glassware. In the process of handmade glass making, the air between the glass blocks will naturally form bubbles due to the slow flow of hot glass paste. Artists often show the life texture of glass with bubbles and become part of the appreciation of glass art. But sometimes business is for it is manual glass is more beautiful, can be in glass completely condenses before gently stroke, make bubble rises.

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