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How does glass spray paint?
Sep 17, 2018

Due to the uniqueness of glass essentially has easy bibulous, so please don't scrub the glass with water, as far as possible with new came in glass, if big glass water content, not only affect the robustness of paint, adhesion, and spray water good product over a period of time between the glass and the paint can't send out, and make the mould surface hair mist, lost light, also can make the paint peeling off, so in drying should be used when cleaning the glass surface of talc powder, powder scrub, that can suction can oil removal, leave to cool a quarter of an hour after spray paint.

If you want to add different colors, different effects of flash powder, pearl powder, laser powder, gold and silver powder, and transparent paint thoroughly mix, and evenly spray on the clean and flat glass, if only spray this effect dry, if the back of the need to spray paint, color paint on the surface according to a certain proportion.

Polycrystalline paint effect: will paint mixing evenly, with around 200 mesh screen or filar socks filters, to ensure that no impurities, static spraying after a quarter of an hour in scrub and clean the glass surface, about 20 minutes table dry, 12 hours later can shipment, such as baking should be 70-80 ° C, 30 minutes after the shipment.

The finished color paint shall be filtered, and the waste water in the air compressor shall be discharged frequently every day, so as to avoid the water and oil filtration and the bubble oil flower in the paint.

Such as conditional use of baking equipment, remember the paint spray good must let its natural flow flat after 15 minutes, and then into the stove to start baking, baking temperature does not exceed 180 ° C, in order to avoid excessive heat fade, make the paint crisp fragile and fall off.

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