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Can tempered glass make the floor?
Sep 17, 2018

It is ok to use toughened glass as floor platform, the plane that can be used for frequent trampling is made with vitreous material through special treatment.


It can be divided into household glass floor, commercial exhibition area glass floor, factory workshop glass floor, office building glass floor, park scenic area glass floor, special area glass floor (such as some special use of hospital and army).

By using glass material characteristics are divided into: single toughened glass surface, double laminated tempered glass on the ground, multilayer (layer 3) toughened glass surface, composite hollow toughened glass on the ground, the ground material have in common is all made of toughened glass, the difference according to different environment and use requirements, the glass thickness and layers with different combination plan.

According to the structural features adopted, it can be divided into: glass ground of steel structure, glass ground of wood structure, glass ground of glass structure, glass ground of other structure (such as aluminum), no glass ground of structure (directly laid on the foundation).


1. Increase permeability, which is more conducive to lighting.

2. It is convenient for people to display and observe objects under the glass floor.

3. Similar to the ground of other materials, it is convenient for people to move freely and put various facilities on it.

4. In scientific and technological experiments, the operation with certain risks is placed below, and people can observe and operate safely on the glass floor.

5. Increase the transparent aesthetic feeling and beautify the environment of the glass ground.

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