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Decorative Glass

  • White Back Painted Safety Glass

    White back painted safety glass is the clear float glass or ultra clear float glass sprayed with white paint by similar process as the mirror. This process can use the same line with mirror. After painting, stick an adhesive vinyl back film on it to make it safe.The glass can...
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  • Lacquered Painted Glass

    Product description Lacquer painted glass is a highly expressive decorative glass and also known as back lacquer glass or spandrel glass in the industry, is divided into flat lacquer painting and matting lacquer painting. Paint is sprayed on the back of the glass and baked...
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  • Silk Screen Printing Glass

    Product description Glass silk printing is a process of glass processing, which is painted by the screen printer with the necessary design. It is also called ceramic coated glass, enamel glass, screen printing glass, serigraph decorative glass and so on. According to screen...
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  • Acid Etched/Frosted Glass

    Product description Acid etched glass is also called frosted glass, produced by daubing an acid resistant substances such as wax on one or two sides of the glass, scratch the designs after it. Then immerse it into acid substances to get the patterns desired. Etched glass has...
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